Sep 272014

Prevention is better than a ton of cure. We’ve all heard the saying, but how many of us actually put these wise words into practice? You may look into preventative medical and preventative dentistry and the majority of us do preventative maintenance on our motor vehicles, but what about when it comes to maintaining our homes?

No TermitesAs with maintaining anything, a small expense and a bit of effort can save us from taking a bit hit in the back pocket later on. Preventative maintenance on your home is no different. Today we’re going to talk with you about preventative pest control and why you should consider having a pest control expert visit your residential dwelling to check that you won’t be wake up to a nasty surprise anytime soon.

We spoke with Pete from Pest Control North Brisbane about what to look out for and why. This way, even if you can’t afford or be bothered to get a pest controller out to check over you home, at least you can look for the most obvious signs of an impending disaster. Pete gave us a rundown of the most common pest control problems that can be solved by preventative maintenance, here is a shortlist of his main points.


If you’re home is made from wood than it’s a good idea to get it checked for termites every year. This is the recommended time according to Australian Standards for termite management AS 3660. Termites eat timber from the inside out, and leave a paper thin veneer where the solid wood use to be. This often causes the timber to appear spotted with mud, and crinkley or wrinkley. Take a look at your door frames, skirting boards, framing, and subfloor timbers for signs of a termite infestation. If you suspect you might have one, contact a termite control professional immediately. Early detection can save you thousands of dollars in replacing the timber the termites have consumed.

Rats and Mice

Rodents are often found where there is easy access to food. The best preventative maintenance for keeping away these vermin is to keep you home tidy and keep all food locked away where it is inaccessible to hungry rats or mice. If you leave food in accessible areas a few rodents may move in, and as long as there is enough food to nourish them they will multiply extremely quickly and soon you will be forced to hire a professional to clean up the problem. Keep this in mind when leaving dirty dishes in rooms or around the house or not washing up immediately after meals.


Similar to rodents, cockroaches love it when people leave out food for them. They also love rotting, wet wood and other organic materials, so if you have dripping taps or leaking pipes under the house or sink, you could be asking for trouble. Keep all your plumbing in check and clean up after your meals to keep plagues of cockroaches at bay.


A common household problem in suburban Australia, possums love living in the crevices in ceilings and dark spaces in outside garages etc. Keep a lookout for loose or cracked tiles on your roof that may act as an entry point for possums, and ensure any other cracks they could use as an entry into your roof cavity are sealed up. Another way to keep possums away from your roof is to cut back tall trees that are close to your home. This makes it difficult for them to access your roof even if there are entry points from there into your ceiling (which there shouldn’t be). Take these steps and save yourself from having to hire a possum removal expert to catch any possum invaders that will urinate and defacate in your roof and keep you up at night with their scampering and squealing.

Even better than doing it yourself however is to hire a local pest control expert to come and do a full review of your home every few years at a minimum. They will know how to spot the telltale signs of trouble and will help you catch any potential pests before they become a full-blown nightmare.

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