Feb 192015

Although some plumbing jobs might be too tough and/or unsafe to take on yourself, there are some plumbing problems that must be handled immediately. Many plumbing problems are caused by leakages or blockages. Leakages can be easy to deal with because you can shut off your water valves, but blockages can be frustrating especially if you can’t point out the main reason why water won’t go down the drain.

cloggedpipePushing a plunger up and down in a toilet bowl helps unclog a toilet. However, this only works with blockages that are not too serious. If plunging fails, try using drain cleaning agents. Although these products are pricey, they can save you the expenses that comes with hiring a plumber to clean our your blocked drain for you. Since these products usually contain chemical components, you should ensure that it’s legal and safe to use them in your locality before pouring them down your pipes. Pouring boiling water  through the drains sometimes dislodged debris or flushes it away, but it can melt your pipes too, so should not be done for prolonged periods.

Using a drain snake is another approach towards eradicating clogged drain problems. There are different brands of pipe cleaners on sale, but before buying any, ensure that you are getting the correct one for your types of drainage systems. We spoke with one of the experience drain unblocking experts from Drain Cleaning Brisbane about what to do before calling a plumber to fix your drainage issues. By following these steps you will reduce the amount of time that any plumber will need to be on site, and save yourself money in the process.

Calling the plumber

If your ‘do-it-yourself’ efforts haven’t worked, it is time to call a professional plumber. Prior to dialing your your local plumber’s number, you should do the following:

Prepare for questions

You plumber will ask a number of questions about your problem. You ought to examine everything carefully and take note of anything unusual that you see, smell and hear etc. In this age of technology, it is possible to take pictures of your systems and message them through to the experts. It is advisable to take the photos early. Preparing comprehensively in this manner saves you money because the professionals will spend less time diagnosing the problem.

Uncluttering is important

If your plumber bills clients per hourly basis, any time they waste physically getting to the problem will cost you money. If the sink is the problem, you must ensure that there is space under it. Clear stairs and all areas that might need to be accessed. Since professional plumbers will also come with their own tools, there should be space available for them to put it. Eradicating hazards and obstacle can save your plumber time, and you, money.

Where are the parts?

It is important that you keep all fixtures pieces handy if you have disassembled anything. Asking your plumber early on for recommendations on what to buy can also help you save time and money. Generally it is a good idea to find a reliable, reputable plumber so you can always call them for advice whenever you need it, regardless of whether or not you will require them to help you with the job.

Lastly it is important to remember that any professional can make a mistake. Your choice plumber could make a mistake that exposes you to huge losses. This is why the expert you choose must be licensed and insured.

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