May 222017

The movie Kenny is the story of an Aussie plumber and the drama in his unusual life. He works in the portable toilet industry, also known as portaloos, for a company called Splashdown Corporate Bathroom Rentals. When the viewers are first introduced to Kenny at the start of the film, it sounds like he is talking about catering for some party. Then it dawns on you. I decided review this movie since I recently watched it again and was reminded of how good it was. It’s also quite relevant to much of the handyman information on this website.

The guy is talking about curries and how they have effect on his work, seeing that he is a supplier of portaloos. However, his dirty job cost him his wife (whom he refers to as his missus) which he hilariously justifies by stating that whoever spends more time with people’s poo than they actually do with the wife has to pay a price. Despite the separation and problems with his ex-wife, Kenny loves his child from the marriage very much.

Even though Kenny’s job is one that society mostly deems to be thankless, the guy never lets it get him down. As Kenny struggles to juggle the demands of fatherhood and family tensions while at the same time trying to prepare for the upcoming expo in Nashville, a documentary crew profiles him and his crew. Kenny was hands down the funniest Australian movie I’ve ever seen which is why I thought it fitting to write a review of it here. The film is totally spot on, and might even confuse you for a real, and quite comical documentary.

Kenny is generally a family affair, with the director appearing in a minor role along the son, his dad, and Shane. Kenny’s own dad refers to him as a “turd burglar”, looking down on him and suggesting that he finds a real job, something that Kenny will have none of. Kenny protests that he does have a real job even though most people turn up their noses up every time he tells them about his occupation.

kenny the plumber

Shane Jacobson as Kenny Smyth, a Melbourne plumber who works for a portable toilet rental company.

Shane stars as Kenny and also took part in writing the script. Kenny is a plumber with a huge beard and a personality that is completely down to earth. He entertains both the viewer and himself with witty observations and thoughts such as “poop is 90 percent water”, and by following the new trend in toilets involving high tech facilities that are often comical in themselves. There is also a really hilarious part where Kenny he sings the Australian national anthem, but with his own lyrics.

The film is hilarious throughout especially when it comes to how Kenny chirps about divorce, tries to stay at par with family members who are much more high maintenance than himself, and when he’s bonding with other plumbers just like him. He is quite proud of his job despite going through all sorts of downers such as graffiti vandals and annoying customers.

The movie was initially inspired by the stories which Clayton Jacobson had heard from the real employees of Splashdown, an actual company that delivers bathrooms to the customer on site. One of Splashdown’s executives even took part in financing the movie. All in all, the movie is a great comedy to watch with family and friends, and we highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.