Sep 232016

a rat outsideCockroaches, rats and mice are some of the most problematic pests in the workplace. There is no shortage of the number of problems they can cause, hence the need to stop any infestation immediately. Luckily, there are commercial pest controllers who have the skills, knowledge, experience, and equipment required to stop these insects and rodents from taking over your office, factory or warehouse. That said however, to ensure you get proper value for your money, it is essential to choose the right one.

A little bit of background research on any company you are thinking of hiring can go a long way. We spoke with Darren a Commercial Pest Controller at Pest Control Northside Brisbane to find out more.

Below are some of the benefits you can attain by choosing the right company.

Cost Effective

The cost of hiring a professional and well-reputed commercial pest controller can be much higher than what unaccredited companies may charge. However, the long-term benefits are worth the additional expense. By hiring a professional, you will not need to worry about the problem reoccurring, which reduces your long-term costs. Having the pest control work done swiftly and effectively can also save you money in other ways e.g. rats allowed to run rampant in any dwelling can chew through electrical wiring costing tens of thousands in repair bills.

Use Less Pesticides

Pollution due to overuse of pesticides is one of the leading causes of environmental degradation. A well trained and knowledgeable pest controller understands this fact too well and only uses pesticides after exhausting all other possible solutions. When there are non-toxic solutions to any pest problem it is far better to go with that option, even if it takes slightly more time or work to implement. This is true for residential cases too, however on larger scale commercial jobs, the benefit from reduced environmental toxin use is exponential.

eco friendly pest control logoEnvironmentally Friendly Pest Control Methods

Apart from chemicals, there are alternative methods of controlling pests that can be used to keep premises clean. A professional in this niche is concerned about the environment and only apply pest control methods that are environmentally friendly and safe to humans and other domesticated animals that may come into contact with them.

Saves Time

A good commercial pest controller does not need to be supervised; they can work autonomously and still deliver the expected results. By hiring such personnel, you will not need to be onsite while the work is being done, all you need to do is inspect the end results to be sure that the service offered meets your expectations. This will in turn save time for other more important activities.

High Safety Standards

Safety is one of the aspects that all pest controllers are required to uphold at all times. In fact, they undergo special training to educate them about the various safety procedures that they should adhere to during and after service delivery. The right commercial controllers have an in-depth understanding of these standards and working protocols that promote safety. For instance, trying to eradicate dangerous pests such as a bees and wasps can leave you with a lifetime of bad memories if you do not know how to do it right. Stay safe by hiring an expert who can get the job done correctly and without putting anyone’s life at risk.

pest control teamComprehensive Services

Over years working in the industry, properly trained commercial pest removal experts are able to study the diverse needs and expectations of their customers successfully. This information helps them to not only improve their service delivery but also coin their service packages to ensure customers get better value for money. Knowing when, how and why problems might reoccur gives commercial pest control teams a head start of preventing further outbreaks.

Modern Equipment

Advancement in technology is often more effective in getting rid of pests than many traditional methods. The best pest controllers have invested in equipment that can help them deliver a better quality service in a shorter time frame.

Insurance Coverage

This is perhaps one of the main reasons why you should only hire an expert commercial pest inspector and controller. Insurance companies often require proper maintenance of your commercial premises by a licensed controller in order to be covered. If you do not get your work place inspected and maintained you may not be covered in the case of electrical or structural shortcomings due to the rodents or roaches in your space.

Hiring a licensed and reputed commercial pest controller will end up saving you money in the long term. Do your research and evaluate the working protocols and reputation of each pest controller in your list to ensure you make the right decision.

Sep 272014

Prevention is better than a ton of cure. We’ve all heard the saying, but how many of us actually put these wise words into practice? You may look into preventative medical and preventative dentistry and the majority of us do preventative maintenance on our motor vehicles, but what about when it comes to maintaining our homes?

No TermitesAs with maintaining anything, a small expense and a bit of effort can save us from taking a bit hit in the back pocket later on. Preventative maintenance on your home is no different. Today we’re going to talk with you about preventative pest control and why you should consider having a pest control expert visit your residential dwelling to check that you won’t be wake up to a nasty surprise anytime soon.

We spoke with Pete from Pest Control North Brisbane about what to look out for and why. This way, even if you can’t afford or be bothered to get a pest controller out to check over you home, at least you can look for the most obvious signs of an impending disaster. Pete gave us a rundown of the most common pest control problems that can be solved by preventative maintenance, here is a shortlist of his main points.


If you’re home is made from wood than it’s a good idea to get it checked for termites every year. This is the recommended time according to Australian Standards for termite management AS 3660. Termites eat timber from the inside out, and leave a paper thin veneer where the solid wood use to be. This often causes the timber to appear spotted with mud, and crinkley or wrinkley. Take a look at your door frames, skirting boards, framing, and subfloor timbers for signs of a termite infestation. If you suspect you might have one, contact a termite control professional immediately. Early detection can save you thousands of dollars in replacing the timber the termites have consumed.

Rats and Mice

Rodents are often found where there is easy access to food. The best preventative maintenance for keeping away these vermin is to keep you home tidy and keep all food locked away where it is inaccessible to hungry rats or mice. If you leave food in accessible areas a few rodents may move in, and as long as there is enough food to nourish them they will multiply extremely quickly and soon you will be forced to hire a professional to clean up the problem. Keep this in mind when leaving dirty dishes in rooms or around the house or not washing up immediately after meals.


Similar to rodents, cockroaches love it when people leave out food for them. They also love rotting, wet wood and other organic materials, so if you have dripping taps or leaking pipes under the house or sink, you could be asking for trouble. Keep all your plumbing in check and clean up after your meals to keep plagues of cockroaches at bay.


A common household problem in suburban Australia, possums love living in the crevices in ceilings and dark spaces in outside garages etc. Keep a lookout for loose or cracked tiles on your roof that may act as an entry point for possums, and ensure any other cracks they could use as an entry into your roof cavity are sealed up. Another way to keep possums away from your roof is to cut back tall trees that are close to your home. This makes it difficult for them to access your roof even if there are entry points from there into your ceiling (which there shouldn’t be). Take these steps and save yourself from having to hire a possum removal expert to catch any possum invaders that will urinate and defacate in your roof and keep you up at night with their scampering and squealing.

Even better than doing it yourself however is to hire a local pest control expert to come and do a full review of your home every few years at a minimum. They will know how to spot the telltale signs of trouble and will help you catch any potential pests before they become a full-blown nightmare.

Jun 302014

Did you know possums are Australian native animal and have been protected under the Wildlife Act since 1975?

These days we google everything. The word ‘google’ no longer only refers to the company it is also commonly used as a verb to denote searching for something online. It is interesting to be able to review what information other people have been searching about, and when. By using Google Trends we can analyze when the most people search for possum and pest control related keywords, which should give us an indication of when related problems are the most serious. For this analysis we have used data from the period of 2000 to 2014. The trend charts are built based on normalized data in the range of 0 to 100.

GlobalPossumpestcontrol It is interesting to see that there is a significant difference between the worldwide trend chart and the Australian chart. The blue line shows the history of the keyword “possum”, whereas the red line shows data for “pest control”. The first figure shows the Google Trend chart globally. Here we can see that the blue line is lower than the red line throughout the observed period. This is a likely indicator that possum disturbances and research have been fairly low when compared to general pest control searches. We also see a consistent pattern of spikes in the months from May to June each year, except for 2011, that shows a spike slightly earlier in April.


Figure 2 – The Australian chart, shows a very different situation. Firstly we can see that the blue line is quite a random pattern, while the red line signal shows a more orderly line. While the spike highs are not as sharp as the red line ones in Figure 1, there are consistent peaks around January each year. There are also consistent lows around August of each year. These peaks and troughs coincide with the summer and winter in Australia.

From 2004 to 2009, the keyword “possum” was more frequently searched for than “pest control”. In the following years until this year, “pest control” has been increasingly searched and has overtaken “possum” on the average number of searches. This may be due to an increasing number of pest problems around Australia recently, or perhaps because more people are now searching for services on the internet and not just information, and people searching for “possum” prior may have been more interested in learning about possums, not just possum removal services.

While we could make assumptions about a decrease in possum disturbances over the last half-decade, a search for “possum removal” paints a different picture. Searches for that keyword have been continuously increasing since 2009, so we it is unlikely possums have stopped menacing the people of suburban Australia. Have you noticed an increasing possum problem around your home? If so, please let us know, but before you do anything drastic to quell their night-time scampering and fighting, here are some facts about those noisy critters:

1. Possums breed in the autumn, but…

According to a paper in Journal of Zoology by Gilmore D.P., Australia has two species of possums, the Brushtail (Trichosurus vulpecula) and the Ringtail (Pseudocheirus peregrinus). Both species have a very consistent breeding cycle. They breed mostly in the autumn, but some specific species have a minor breeding season in the spring. In the warmer temperature of northern Australia, they breed all year long. In a conducive environment, they can live up to 11 years. Going back to the above Google Trends chart for Australia, we can see that while more likely in the warmer months, there is potential for possum disturbance all year long.

2. They are peaceful marsupials, but …

Although possums have a peaceful nature and generally try to avoid confrontation, they will turn aggressive if provoked. This is especially true if they feel their babies are being threatened. Ringtail possums are social marsupials and tend to live in a family group. The female possums carry their babies in their pouches, just like kangaroos. Once the babies get too big, the females carry them around on their back until they are big and strong enough to live independently. In extreme cases, six adult possums can live together with their babies in a single attic. Because of this, sometimes it is  easier to find their entry and exit points to block it off instead of fixing a trap for each of them. Try not to get into altercations with them as they can be aggressive if trapped or provoked. They have 52 sharp teeth, more than any other marsupials. Be extra careful if you encounter a any female possum and their babies on your property. If you aren’t sure what to do it might be best if you contact a possum removal expert.

3. Possums eat leaves, but …

Possums eat nearly all kind of leaves, but Eucalyptus is their favourite. Along with these, possums diets also consist of cultivated plant leaves, flowers (like roses and hibiscus), and orchard fruit. Their tough digestion system is supported by la arge colon and special gland that secret special kinds of enzymes and bacteria. This is the reason their faeces has a very sharp odour and makes them very easy to track. With diets supplemented by eating grass, fungi, and bird’s eggs, the Brushtail Possum may even occasionally eat small vertebrates such as baby birds, as mentioned on the website of Melbourne Victoria Government. To keep them away from your home keeping your garden and backyard tidy, prune any tree branches near or above the roof, mow your grass regularly, cut off dead trees or dead trunks around your property.

4. They are nocturnal, but…

Possums are nocturnal marsupials. They are very active at the first part of the night and then resuming feeding just before dawn. This is why we rarely encounter them during daylight hours. On colder, darker days in winter you may see them occasionally however. They may also be seen during the day when food is scarce or when they have been disturbed from their sleeping quarters. They usually make their inside a property at night by finding an easy opening through a crevice or crack. Gaps between decks and the ground are also comfort nesting areas for possums.

While Google Trends tracking can show us how problematic possums or any other pests for that matter have been during any particular time period, it is in our own best interests to take the steps that we can to alleviate our own issues. By taking care of your garden and maintaining your property you can ensure that you will get a decent nights sleep every night, even if your neighbours and possible even the majority of the rest of the Australian population, aren’t. Stay tuned for more possum removal tips on our blog later in the year.

Jun 242014

Get Rid of Roaches without any Toxic Chemicals, Pesticides or Insecticides

CockroachThere are a number of ways you can prevent and destroy cockroach infestations without the use of a contract pest controller. You don’t even need to use toxic chemicals to do so, there are plenty of natural methods that are just as effective if not more, and will keep your home safe for you and your children.

Take a look at our list of natural cockroach pest control methods below and stop the cockroaches from turning your house into their home.

  1. Sprinkle boric acid, sodium bicarbonate of diatomaceous earth in areas where cockroaches may hide. These powders are safe for humans and pets but are deadly to cockroaches and other insects. Look for dark crevices where cockroaches might like to hide: behind your refrigerator, under stoves, behind cabinets etc. Don’t forget the bathroom! Cockroaches love dampness so around bathtubs and laundry sinks should also be places you powder.
  1. Running fans and dehumidifiers continually will keep cockroaches at bay. They dislike dry conditions and moving air, so leaving fans on and keeping the air dry will force them out of your home in search of a more comfortable environment.
  1. Remove all food sources that may be attracting the roaches. These pests love foods containing high levels of starch and water. Potatoes are a good example of this. Keeping your home or office sanitary is 85% of the work required with cockroach pest control. Ensure you store all your food out of reach of the roaches and keep all garbage wrapped and unaccesible to them.
  1. Seal all visible cracks in your home. If the cockroaches can’t get in in the first place, they can’t take up residence. Check around your windows and doors and look for other gaps in your floorboards etc. by minimizing the areas they are able to enter your dwelling you can greatly reduce their numbers. Make this even more effective by sprinkling some of the anti-cockroach powders from Tip #1 at any gaps you are unable to seal.
  1. Maintain a clean and sanitary dwelling. A small about of food and water can supply a very large colony of cockroaches. Make sure you clean up spills, wipe down benches, repair leaking plumbing, and properly store food for humans and pets in sealed containers or the refrigerator.

If you follow the above tips you will greatly reduce the number of cockroaches in your home. Cockroaches that survive, will look for more hospitable places to live and you won’t need to bother with toxic pest control methods that may have dubious effects on your health and the health of those around you.