Handypest is your one-stop-blog for all your need to know about DIY handyman work, home improvement odd jobs, and pest control advice. We’re a team of dedicated tradies who love working in and around our homes. Like millions on other Australian men we love to have a side project going on at all time, often to the dismay of our better halves. Some of us even have a habit of starting a number of jobs at the same time. If only our completion rates were as high!

That’s what were about here at Handypest. We keep track of the work that we do and put down useful information and tips so that if you decide to take on the same or similar jobs, you’ve got a head start and a reference point if you get stuck along the way. It doesn’t matter if kitchen and bathroom renovations are your thing, if you’re a gardener at heart, if you want to build a new deck or extension for your house, or if you’re a newbie who’s thinking about installing their own solar panels; one of our team will have experience doing the job you’re considering so we’ll be able to help with knowledge and tips on getting it done right the first time.

If you have any specific jobs you’d like us to write about feel free to get in touch with us, or browse through our archives of old posts to read about jobs we’ve worked on in the past that might help you with future projects. We’re always happy to help our readers and share our experiences and knowledge.

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